EDDM - Every Door Direct Mail

‘Every Door Direct Mail’, or EDDM, is a powerful way for you to reach your potential customers. The utility of direct mail is unmeasurable. Essentially, you can guarantee that a large number of people in a local community will see your message. They may not read your message, but you can rest knowing that your message won’t go directly to a spam folder. At MediaPlex of Tampa Bay, we can help you set up an EDDM campaign that will drive new customers to your business. Not only are we experienced in arranging the service, we are experienced in designing print materials that you can use for your EDDM campaign.

Target Local Customers

One key benefit of using direct mail marketing is targeting local residents of a certain area. With this, you can gain new customers by providing something of value to your audience.

Provide Customers Value

Direct mail isn’t like email, there is no spam folder. You have a chance to get someone’s attention without spam filters blocking your message. Use this to your advantage by offering something of value.

Empower Your Customers

If you really want your EDDM campaign to be effective, you need to send customers material they won’t mind seeing. This is where we come in. Our team of writers and designers can create content your customers will love.