Why is Facebook Video Advertising Right For My Business?

    How Does Facebook Video Advertising Work?

    According to Facebook’s business advertising team, people gaze 5x longer at video content than static ad posts on Facebook!

    This means that you stand a much better chance of having your company discovered if you use video advertising. You can share the customer experience for your company, feature a product or service in action, and much more with impactful, professional video production.

    Videos on Facebook receive over 4 billion views per day. Additionally, Facebook has caught up with YouTube in terms of mobile video minutes watched per month!

    The average cost per video view is approximately between $0.01 and $0.06 per view. What this means TO YOU is that for around $0.05 cents, you can guarantee that a POTENTIAL CUSTOMER will be exposed to your brand and invited to engage via a click link to your landing page. AND the click costs are only a FRACTION of the cost of GOOGLE ADWORDS!

    Here Are Just a Few of Our Successful Client Campaigns!

    Bay Area Roofing

    Service Type: Roofing Company
    Market(s): Sarasota County, Manatee County and Charlotte County
    Reporting Cycle: 30 days
    Impressions:  82,940