Why Use The QR Code In My Marketing Strategy?

The QR code has become an essential tool for information and marketing over the last decade. Originally designed in Japan to manage inventory in the automotive industry, the QR code has gained wide acceptance in the United States as a simple and effective bridge between the real world and cyberspace. It took years for the phone manufacturers to catch up to the QR code, and now all phones can scan a QR code with the Google Lens/camera or the iPhone camera in one easy step. Our clients have found the QR code to be quite useful (especially in their print and collateral materials and business cards) in providing web links and VIDEO CONTENT to their prospective customers with excellent results. Our agency was one of the pioneers of the deployment of the QR code, and since 2009 we have offered QR codes with tracking and analytics, as well as the video content needed to make that great first impression! Please contact us to see how your business can benefit by adding the QR code to your arsenal of marketing materials.

Start Using The QR Code To Grow Your Business

The QR Code is easily deployed and has ultimate flexibility in any marketing strategy or application. It can connect your potential customers to any website link including information, your menu, a contact form, an e-commerce platform, or VIDEO!