Are You Ready To Take Your Practice To The Next Level With The Power Practice Builder™ Program?

Competing for those valuable new intake clients in the professional services world takes a proven strategy. In addition, it takes a the skilled team to position you properly. The Power Practice Builder™ Program is designed to craft and maintain your digital presence and dominate the search results for your space and market. Furthermore, no other service can provide the complete suite of components necessary to accomplish this on the ‘new’ internet. Without video content, any SEO or similar program or service is losing laps to the field. It will continue to fall further behind. See what our satisfied clients have to say, and get the POWER to build your practice!

Power Practice Builder™ Program

Welcome to the Power Practice Builder™ Program, offered exclusively by the MediaPlex of Tampa Bay.

Professional services businesses are unique, and require a very specific and targeted approach to marketing and obtaining new client intake.

90% of your potential new clients will search FOR you, or do research ABOUT you, on the internet before ever picking up the phone or completing an online form. Even if they have seen your name before through some other advertising channel.

Therefore, it is imperative that you create and maintain a dominant position in internet search.

The top 3 results for any specific discipline or service account for over 40% of the TOTAL new intake for that category. Furthermore, you can no longer afford to finish low in search engine results, and we can make it happen for you.

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  • The level of service and the results we have obtained by using the MediaPlex of Tampa Bay suite of services has been nothing less than outstanding. They have taken our practice to the next level, using video content on the internet along with our Brighthouse broadcast television campaigns. We are extremely pleased with the quality of the production work, and our presence in local search for the firm is dominating. Most of our new clients tell us that they were able to find us immediately when they searched for an attorney, and had the opportunity to watch videos and learn more about our firm right away. We would highly recommend this program to any attorney, or business, who are looking for increased exposure and take advantage of the many potential new customers that are looking for them every day on the internet search engines. Thanks as always for a great job!

    Mark McMann, Esquire

  • MediaPlex of Tampa Bay has produced 3 very high quality promotional videos for my company. I have gotten excellent feedback from from both customers and prospects on the videos and it’s helping me grow my business. The videos were very affordable, making MediaPlex of Tampa Bay videos a viable option for any company. Quick Reach also made the whole process easy by working with me to write a highly focused and compelling video script and provide great graphics, background audio and a professional voice over to make my videos hum. They were also a delight to work with and went out of their way to help my business be successful.

    Larry LaBelle