Welcome to the Power Business Builder™ Program, offered exclusively by the MediaPlex of Tampa Bay.

Local businesses are unique, and are constantly targeted by all manner of advertising sales, “web designers”, would-be SEO gurus, social media “experts”… it’s exhausting for sure! There are 4 key areas that require attention. You’ll also need some real, effective advertising on a budget. Not to mention that Reviews and Reputation Management now also play a KEY ROLE, and we’ll explain the real risks in just a bit!

We have spent many years, and a ton of development with our partners, to give you the 4 cornerstones of successful digital management. Until now everything has been scatter-shot at best, and all of the different people you think you’ve needed and expenses you pay just to address issues like social media management and search engine optimization can be maddening. Not to mention trying to figure out an affordable and effective method to attract new customers. Figuring out the reviews mess. All while trying to run your business…we hear you!

Below you will find a brief video presentation for EACH of the 4 core services that you need to succeed. No nonsense, no over-stating the problem, just solid information and a solution that makes sense. And most importantly…at a PRICE that makes even more sense!

Review & Reputation Management

Facebook VIDEO Advertising

Social Media Management Meerkat Social

Power Listings

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